by Dave Warner

The Little Falls Girls Basketball team led the entire game in a 70-43 win over the Dolgeville Blue Devils Thursday night in a hastily changed schedule.

According to Coach Pam Munger “I think our second half play was much better than our first half play. We looked for each other a little bit better I think, we executed offense and had more deflections or defensive touches off the steal which allowed us to go to the basket.”

“It’s good to have to play tight towards the end of your season to get ready. We have a really tough game on Monday against Adirondack and we go up there, so that’s always a battle. We’re going to end with West Canada on Tuesday,” she said.

The Coach has felt like the schedule was tough and it’s still not over, but that it has prepared them for sectionals. The weather and circumstances beyond their control have also affected the team.

“It has been hard getting the rhythm toward the end. That’s what I think I’m most concerned about,” said the coach.

Munger said that the last few days have been tough. “We’re trying to hold on to each other, trying to battle through, and that’s what we’re dealing with. So, we have two days where we can pay our respects to an awesome individual and then do what he (Connor Gage) would want us to do. Live every second as we should to its fullest.”

Last year for her birthday, Gage gave his mom a children’s book called, “Love You Forever.” She said she used to read the story to him when he was younger.

“He wrote a poem in it about how as long as he’s living he will be my baby,” Connor said, her voice breaking. “He was just very thoughtful.”

“His mom shared the poem and I read it and I have to say it’s quite an inspiration to really think about. As a coach, I’m making sure that I can live and do the best I can so my kids can live every moment,” she said. “It’s the only thing you can do.”

Geena Morotti had 17 points, Olivia Langdon had 14, Olivia Lindsay 13 and Zavia Jaime had 10. The girls face off Monday, February 11, 2019 against Adirondack in an away game. Little Falls is 7-0 in league play and 15-2 overall.

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