By Dave Warner

They were everywhere, despite the rain that showed up, sketching everything that didn’t move.

Adrienne Watson, their teacher, stated, “This is the second year we’ve done this with the eighth-grade studio art class.”

She said that it was much better this year because of an endowment they had received from the Sherrill Walsh Fund, which was used to establish more opportunities for the art programs at the schools.

“This year, because of that, we could purchase higher-quality supplies for the students. We got clipboards and more portable supplies and high-quality paint.”

Watson had asked what Kari Szymanski’s mom would have wanted, and she replied, “My mom was a painter, and it would bring her joy to see kids painting with high-quality materials.”

“It’s kind of a full-circle moment,” Watson stated.

She said that Canal Place businesses opened again, giving free samples, bottled water, and reduced lunches at the Cafe at Stone Mill.

“This is going to be an annual event,” she said.

Photo submitted.

Photo submitted.