by Dave Warner

On a beautiful Saturday morning on 9/11, the Elk’s Riders of Central New York drove into the City in a quest to raise money for charity.

Mark Pratt one of the riders with the group said, “Every one of us is a member in good standing of an Elks Lodge. We have riders from Esperance, Little Falls, Canajoharie, Oneida, Rome, Herkimer, Ilion, and Boonville. Even Lowville and Homer,” he said.

“We raise money every year and give it away. Today’s ride is for the Elk’s National Foundation. We raise as much as we can. The lodge that raises the most money takes our traveling trophy for a year,” he said.

Pratt said that the ride is normally at the end of July, but because of all the bad weather this year, they aimed for today.

“We started in Canajoharie, went to Little Falls, and then will go to Herkimer, Boonville, then Rome to Oneida, Utica, and finally end up at the Ilion lodge for dinner and to count up all the money and let everyone know how it turned out,”he stated.