by Dave Warner

Daneli Partners is bringing its Excellence in Education CTLE (Continued Teacher & Leader Education) classes to the area and Little Falls.

Joe Morotti is going to be teaching “Navigating Classroom Teaching Through the Early Years and Beyond” on August 2, 2021, from 8:30 – 2:30 at Little Falls High School. Matt Powers will be teaching “Where’s the Fun? Learning with Games” on August 3, 2021, from 8:30 – 11:30 at the school as well.

Katie Drake, with Daneli Partners, stated, “We’re really excited to launch this pilot program of three CTLE courses this summer. We’ve been approved by New York State to teach these classes, so teachers will get credit for taking them, which goes towards their continued learning.”

Teachers can advance their careers and their education at the same time by taking these courses.

Drake said that the first class, taught by Joe Morotti “Is just a really great course for teachers that are new to teaching. It gives them some guidance on how to deal with today’s challenges. The second class will be taught by Herkimer College Professor and local resident Matt Powers. He and his wife Laura are a family that just love board games, so he’s developed a curriculum using learning with games which allows kids to learn something new in a little bit different way.”

She said that the course is really for teachers in K-5, but anyone can learn from it by taking the course.

Drake stated that the third class that they are teaching is a really important subject, “Addressing Grief and Trauma in Education.”

“Especially with all the trauma that we’ve gone through over the last year and a half, and in particular, in education.  This course will be held in Syracuse, so it’s a little bit of a road trip, but it’s taught by Tom Royal who is the most amazing person,” she stated.

Drake said that he has a lot of experience working with students and families that have experienced major life tragedies that have happened outside of school. “This is really important because you never know when a student might get the courage to open up about something and it might be to you. As a teacher, are you best prepared to say the right things. It’s just a really important class that I think anybody in education should take.”

If you are interested in the courses, the descriptions are listed below. You can click on the link in the PDF document to register or go to

Joe Morotti CTLE Class PDF
Matt Powers CTLE PDF
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