Photo & Story by Dave Warner

This Saturday, from 10 am until 3:30 pm, the Raycliff Farm on Snells Bush Road will open their gates for a Day at the Farm.

The morning kicks off with a prayer and the National Anthem. According to owner Ray Hulten “People start showing up at about 9:30 am, but the vendors start showing up Friday night and early Saturday morning to get set up.”

There are kids games & activities. “We have sheep to shawl demonstrations, where they spin the wool and show you the finished product, and maple syrup vendors. We even have antique and newer tractors,” said Hulten.

The farm is very much a park-like setting if you haven’t been to it, with a view of the Mohawk Valley. There are food vendors, Amish vendors, an Amish tug of war, tractor races for kids and displays in the arena as well.

“It’s like an old country fair,” says Hulten. “This is our tenth year and people come with their kids and just have a good time.”

There’s going to be a huge sandbox filled with about 10 tons of sand for the kids to play in. “There’s toys and it’s just an old fashioned good time with things that you and I grew up doing,” said Hulten. “The kids today don’t know anything about these kinds of things, there’s a lot to keep them busy.”

There is a Chinese auction, horse drawn hay rides and Hulten says “everything except what you buy from the vendors is free.”

“It’s all so families can come and enjoy themselves without breaking the bank,” said Hulten. “We have a petting zoo and even a water buffalo calf this year.”

Fifteen hundred to two thousand people attend the one day event and people come back year after year. Hulton said “one lady comes from Arkansas every year because she has a daughter up here, but she makes a special effort to come by the farm.”

“For kids, it’s a good time and parents love it, Hulten said.”

Raycliff Farm Schedule of Events

10:15 – Blessing & National Anthem

10:30 – Agricultural Demonstration (TBA)

11:00 – 12:30 Kids’ Games

12:30 – Antique Tractor Parade

1:00 – Agricultural Demonstration (TBA)

2:00 – Chinese Auction Drawings (must be present to win)

2:30 – 3:30 – More Kids’ Games

Schedule subject to change

This is a free event. The farm is located at 795 Snells Bush Road in Little Falls. For details call 315-823-4321.