Farms are the backbone of our nation, and it seems every day, more and more family farms are being forced to shut down due to our government’s careless policies. It seems many of our nationally known representatives would rather attack hard-working Americans and farmers. There are so many problems our farmers are facing every day, including the sale of generationally owned farmland to foreign entities, the banning of chocolate milk in our schools, and the completely incomprehensible policies they put on farming as a whole. The most recent “hot take” from the leftist climate change warriors has declared an all-out attack on our farmers as they claim the farming industry is responsible for our “climate crisis.” Let’s face the facts, not only the facts but the reality: without farmers, we can not be a self-sufficient or prosperous country. The American dream as we know it is under attack, the idea that “every citizen of the United States should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.” How can our nation continue to be the land of opportunity when our government is ripping away one of the founding methods of success from those who actually want to work hard and create success for themselves and their families?

Here in Upstate New York, we have representation working to support our local family farms and since Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has taken office, it has been clear that farmers are being heard. Ms. Stefanik has visited multiple family farms, been an advocate for Chocolate Milk in schools, ensured labeling on dairy products is accurate, and, most notably, has led the fight to protect our farmland, which will ensure the American dream can be achieved. It is essential that we support representatives like Elise, who promote what is important to the success of our nation.

Bob Hollum
Mohawk, NY 13407-3804