My name is Max Verenich and I’m writing to you about Congresswoman Elise Stefanik. She co-sponsored a bill that will support first responders, military members, and their families with the difficulties that come with their service.

Our first responders answer the calls to serve our communities day and night, non-stop, and oftentimes with little to no support. These police officers, firefighters, EMS workers, and military personnel are forgotten about far too often. The calls they answer to protect and serve our country should never go unnoticed, and it’s time we take note of the sacrifices they make every day. The unfortunate reality is that these first responders see horrifying situations play out which is the cause of many suicides and PTSD. We can not continue to overlook and dismiss the issues plaguing our public safety officers. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has taken note of this tragic issue and co-sponsored a bill- Public Safety Officer Benefit Support Act (H.R. 6943). The proposed legislation would allow safety officers to seek disability benefits for those affected by PTSD, and support the families of those officers who passed away, due to trauma-linked suicides, through death benefits. Our Congresswoman called on other Representatives to see the importance of these mental health resources and stated that she is proud of this legislation as it will aid our first responders in the fight against declining mental health. The men and women of our communities that are the first to answer the call when we need them, deserve better from their society.

Maxim Verenich
Frankfort NY 13340