I don’t think the average American needs a degree in political science nor business management to see just how fiscally irresponsible our government has been for the last two years, but this last proposed omnibus spending bill takes the cake! This $1.65 trillion spending bill primarily crafted/created by the Democrats while our country’s debt is now over $31 trillion all while using the entirety of a government shutdown as the reason is exasperating!

While no one wants the government to close for any period of time, why does it have to be a omnibus free-for-all? Why can’t more of our elected officials be frugal and fiscally responsible while not taking their authority (and our hard-earned money) for granted like the woman I proudly voted for, Elise Stefanik? I support Elise’s decision not to support this rushed and reckless spending wish list by the Democrats! Thank you Elise for taking this stand and holding the (fiscally responsible) line!


Lois Whelan
Gansevoort, NY