by Dave Warner

The Fitness Farmacy folks have moved into their new location at the old Decarlo Staffo Post No. 8 building at 299 Loomis St and are getting ready for their grand opening on Oct 17th from 11-1 pm. The original plan had been for the building to be transformed into an event facility called Venue299. COVID came along and things changed.

Owner Krista Kozma said that they have fitness, personal training, therapeutic massage, and basic gym use at the new facility. They have nutrition and a cold cafe that are also coming soon.

The large room on the west end of the building is the group fitness room, and “also potentially a place to rent out if people have events they want to do. We’re still looking into drapery so that we can hide our fitness equipment,” she stated.

They have cardio and a dumbbell room and a spin room as well. “Downstairs, we have two massage rooms and we have a potential Yoga space,” said Kozma.

Kozma said that for her, the move from West Main Street to the new facility is like going all-in. She said, “I was renting, and there is safety in that if things don’t work out. But, I’ve always just kind of wanted to own the facility, to be able to have my hands in every single piece of it, so that’s what this is.”

They are open Monday through Friday from 5 am until 8 pm and 8 am until 2 pm on Saturday and Sunday. “Hopefully, this gives people enough time to get in and do what they want,” she said.

“We’re going to be offering kids programs as well, so we’ll get back to that because we do love the kids. We want to make sure that the people who are handling the kids, really love it, and enjoy it,” stated Kozma.

Lisa and Ron Petrie’s son did a lot of the work in the facility, and his mom said, “He hand-built the benches that are in the massage rooms.” All through the project though, they tried to use local talent.

They said that they have some additional tables coming from another crafter and that it should make it more special for people knowing that a lot of what was put together was done by local artisans.

Petrie said, “That helped him through corona because he really didn’t have anything to do. He had been going to school for construction, so this was hands-on for him.”

“He really flourished with this project and you could really see the change in him. It was really exciting,” said Kozma.

They would like people to come through the facility and see what they’ve done with it, especially during their open house. “It’s not just trying to get gym members, but a lot of people have been wanting to come in and see what we’ve done with the place,” stated Kozma.

According to their plans, the outside of the building will be worked on in the spring. Kozma said, “now’s not the time.”

For more information visit them on Facebook or call 315-985-5691.