The Little Falls Public Library is excited to announce the return to in-person meetings of its weekly Flash Fiction short story writing group, starting Wednesday, September 14th, 6:00 to 7:45 PM and continuing subsequent Wednesday evenings, excluding holiday Wednesdays and other dates when the library is not open regular Wednesday hours. The group will meet in the library’s Community Room space, which is handicap accessible. As the group develops and grows back toward its earlier numbers, sign-up sheets or an attendance cap may come into play, but for at least the first few sessions, the group will be happy to welcome all new and returning writers to the fold. New writers need not write for their first few sessions with the group, but it’s hoped they’ll soon become comfortable sharing their flash fiction works with our growing community.

“Flash Fiction” is a relatively new form of short-form writing, featuring just a few characters or ideas in a dense, pithy burst. The length requirements for flashes vary from group to group. Some groups aim at no more than 100 words, and some accept flashes as long as 1000, but the Little Falls library’s flash fiction group settled on a comfortable middle of 500 words. Before the recent pandemic, the Little Falls Flash Fiction group met weekly in-person, often with 10 – 15 writers attending, to share their week’s work Weekly meetings and in-person groups are rare occurrences in the Flash Fiction movement. Most flash writing groups meet monthly or bi-weekly, and many via the internet. Out of an abundance of caution during the past 2 1/2 years, the group moved to meeting in a private online sharing group, but as we emerge from the pandemic restrictions, the Library looks forward to welcoming Flash Fiction back in person! The Little Falls Flash Fiction group is proud of its 5 & 1/2-year history and looks forward to returning to its dynamic pre-Covid status.

If you’d like to join, flash fiction works like this: every week, the group is given a word as a writing prompt, and the writers go off to write 500 words or less, inspired by that prompt, making sure to use the prompt somewhere in the flash. Often, writers generate stand-alone works of short fiction, but some of the writers will also write works of short non-fiction, short memoir, or even a 500-word segment from a larger continuing work, which became referred to as a Story Thread or just a Thread. The group meets, shares their writing for the last week’s word out loud, discusses their works as time allows, and then at the end of the session, receives the word to work with the next week. Eventually, the group will share in generating the prompts, but for the first few weeks, they’ll be provided by the host. In the first week, if you are new to the group, do not feel obligated to write a “flash” to the theme, as the first session will be at least partly organizational and introductory. However, if you do want to write for the first meeting, a prompt of “RAMP” will be the theme.

For more information on this and other upcoming library events, you can visit the Little Falls Public Library’s website at, check out the library’s Facebook homepage at, or contact by phone at 315-823-1542. The Library looks forward to the return of the flash fiction short-story groups to its Community Room and hopes you might meet the creative call and add your voice to that chorus of artistic expression!