A crowd listens to the performance by Helen Maksymicz and Martha Smith Regelmann at the Little Falls Library.

by Dave Warner

It was four hands tickling the ivory that entertained a large crowd at the library Tuesday afternoon, as Helen Maksymicz and Martha Smith Regelmann performed a piano-and-vocal medley of songs.

Martha Regelmann, an organist who has moved back into the area from New York City and local organist Helen Maksymicz combined for the one-hour performance.

Maksymicz said, “It’s a mixture of everything. There’s not very much classical music in it. We dress up, we do a lot of fun things with the songs. It’s a variety.”

“There are some sing-alongs for the patriotic songs and a couple of the other tunes, and there’s one classical piece that I love,” said Regelmann.

“We crisscross hands on the piano a lot, which is very hard,” said Maksymicz.

The couple performed a few numbers last year at the library, but this year’s show was an expanded version that they’ve been working on for a couple of months.

The audience was enticed to sing along with the songs that they knew, especially the ending number with all of the patriotic service themes.

Maksymicz will be headlining a Christmas concert at Holy Trinity Luthern Church on Dec 8th.