By Dave Warner

Four years ago, we first covered Sean Green as an 11th-grader at Little Falls High School and the publication of his first book. He released the second one a year later, and we also covered that.

He’s graduated from college and has decided to rewrite the first book and add twelve illustrations, and he stopped by the studio to tell us all about it.

He said, “There have been many editions of this book. It’s been very much a ‘work in progress.’ I published this during Covid time, and a lot of people looked at my funny when they saw the article talking about the contents of the book.”

“They saw that it was about a virus and kind of like civil unrest in America and that sort of thing. I think it was pretty tell-tale at the time that the second book would be about a civil war. I’ve come back to the virus,” he stated.

Green said that people might be sick of hearing about the virus. “I can take it back to when I was 12 when I first started this book. This might be the official sixth time I’ve rewritten it.”

You can listen to the full podcast interview below.