By Dave Warner

The fourth-floor businesses in the Stone Mill had their grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday evening at 410 Canal Place in Little Falls.

Several businesses are now located there after extensive renovations were completed. The Inn at Stone Mill added some rooms. Timeless Salon & Bridal, Innter Light Transformation Coaching & Craniosacral Therapy with Kelly, Root Cause Wellness, Tina Marie Interiors, and Daneli Partners also have new offices there.

Neil Rosenbaum, with Rock City Development, talked about how they came up with the idea for the configuration on the floor.

“It was iterative. We had a number of different concepts that sort of came and went. We were going to do a co-working space and then an art residency program. Then we decided we needed a permanent space for Daneli Partners and had a tenant on the third floor that was looking for another space.”

He also said that part of how it happened was ‘serendipitous’ because two of the new tenants had just been riding on the bike path and had stopped at the Cafe for coffee. “Katy Tomei started chatting with them, and they were saying that they were looking for a place for a business where they would have interior design and a hair salon. They wanted to do Yoga retreats and micro weddings.”

Tomei took them up and showed them the fourth floor, which was a raw space at the time. “They fell in love with the fourth floor and with Little Falls,” Rosenbaum said. “That was sort of the linchpin where we had those tenants, and we can build the event space that they can use but be available for other things.”

All the pieces just came together for them, allowing them to go to the bank with a good story that would be profitable.

They have a section called The Venue, an event space for small weddings, receptions, showers, family get-togethers, and reunions. “It has a capacity for around 50 people,” he stated.

Then there is the hair salon, a facial and makeup specialist, the design studio, and a two-bedroom, two-bath suite called The Loft, which will be available as an extension of The Inn at Stone Mill. There’s also a membership-based social club on the west end of the floor.

“It’s a place to hang out, watch TV, and bring a business associate.”

“Daneli Partners, which is our Leadership Development organization, is here with Dave’s office and a conference room named after his grandfather,” he said.

There is also an office for Rock City Development. “It’s a lot of additional things that weren’t already in the City,” Rosenbaum stated.