by Dave Warner

The two-night performance of Freaky Friday drew standing ovations from the people in attendance Friday and Saturday night. However, leading up to the show, not everything was as smooth as it could have been. When the community theater group started rehearsing with microphones on Tuesday, they discovered that the sound system was not working.

The school stepped in and tried to get repairmen prior to opening night, but it wasn’t possible. “That really threw off everything, as amplification is very necessary for an auditorium that size, especially when singing over a seven-piece orchestra.  I seriously thought the show might have to be canceled, ” said  Director Jean Smith.

After lots of stress, phone calls and conversations, Big Apple Music in Utica stepped in to save the day. “We were only able to rehearse with that equipment for two days before the show,” she said.

Ticket sales were also a concern for Smith. “I knew when I chose this show that attendance would not be as high as usual, considering that I was following block blusters like The Little Mermaid and the Wizard of Oz from the previous summers. However, I was looking to do something fresh and modern.  The cast and crew were so talented and enthusiastic, they deserved a full house.”

“Although the crowd was smaller than anticipated, they were very receptive. I couldn’t have asked for a better crowd. After playing for eighty weeks to an empty house, the interaction between the cast and the audience was a joy to behold. It makes it all worthwhile,” she said.

“I continue to be amazed and thrilled to see the positive effects that participation in theater has on those who are involved. The confidence, the camaraderie, and creativity are just a few.”

“There’s not a person involved in that show that didn’t ask me what the plan is next year. They all can wait to do it again,” said Smith.

The community theater group will not be allowed to use the high school auditorium for the next two years, due to the upcoming capital project, which means they have to search for an alternative solution. According to Smith, the probability is not good. “I’m going to have a lot of disappointed people if that doesn’t happen.”