by Dave Warner

Sunday morning was still a little cold, but a beautiful day for the annual spring cleanup in Canal Place. Jayne Ritz has been the usual leader for this kind of activity, but this year, she said that it was “time to turn it over to a younger crew of helpers.”

Raechel Frink, with the UPS store, headed up the group of volunteers and stated, “We’re doing our ‘usually’ annual (last year messed us up with the Pandemic), Canal Place cleanup. Jayne Ritz and I just did a simple flyer invite and we had 40 plus people reach out to us, which is the biggest turnout that we’ve ever had.”

Frink went on to say that not everyone showed up, but that they worked on Sterzinar Park, the parking lot along Canal Place, Benton’s landing, and all along the canal, even going west down to Ironrock Brewing. “As we get the visitors throughout this busy season, it will be a welcoming view for them.”