A golfer tees off at the Little Falls Municipal Golf Course on Saturday morning, as play resumed at the facility after ‘NY On Pause’ restrictions were lifted.

by Dave Warner

Play resumed at the Little Falls Municipal Golf Course on Friday after strict rules regarding social distancing were put in place. Nick Regan, who is now running the course said, “We are now officially open with single carts.”

Family members are allowed to share a cart. “I get all kinds of questions about brothers and sisters, but we’ve followed everything to an absolute tee. I’ve been overprotective over the last couple of days,” stated Regan.

He said that people were really excited to get out and that the course was in excellent shape. “We’ve got a lot of restrictions, but people seem to be very cooperative with everything.”

They are still able to serve refreshments and keep one-way traffic. “It’s super busy today because we have a beautiful day finally.”

He said that the best part is something that people can’t see yet, in that he has remodeled the inside of the clubhouse. “We’ve got new lights, fresh paint, and some great plans for up here.”

Regan says that they are planning different kinds of tournaments to bring a different variety of people to the course. “The best thing about this place is that it is a municipal course, which means that the City maintains this place. We want people to come up and enjoy it, even if you’re not a golfer.”

They are planning on having youth clinics, evening events, lessons, and teaching for those people who might feel intimidated by the game. “The tournaments will be big. People enjoy coming up.”

Regan says that golf is a social thing, and that’s the toughest part about the restrictions right now. “People like to hang out and sit on the beautiful deck and talk to each other, and unfortunately, we can’t do that. But, we’re getting through it and people are just excited that we’re even open.”

He said that there has been more traffic than he expected in the first two days that they’ve been open.

Photo by Dave Warner – Golfers flocked to the Little Falls Municipal Golf Course over the weekend after the course was opened for play.