Mr. and Mrs. Juan Gonzalez received the Preserve Our Past’s Excellence in Historic Preservation Award in recognition of their outstanding effort to accurately restore the historical elements of their home.

They purchased the former Zoller Mansion at 553 Garden Street when it was offered for sale for the first time outside the family.

It was built in 1879 by Jacob Zoller, a cold-storage food processing pioneer. In 1872, Zoller bought lots #11 and #12 on the south side of Garden Street for $4,500.

The builders, William and George B. Dale of Dale and Son’s Construction completed the 5,841 square foot home in 1879.

The stately polychromatic brick home was built in the Victorian styles of Gothic Revival and Queen Anne and features a central tower with a conical roof, decorative brickwork, a gothic entrance, an expansive porch with decorative wood trim, and stained glass windows by Tiffany.

The iron fencing and posts have been saved and will be restored. The roof has been replaced, and work on the massive retaining wall has been completed. They live there with their three children, Benicio, Mia, and Lukas.

Juan and Beth are also renovating the adjoining Mansard-style carriage house with a cupola.

This home has been a part of Little Falls history for many years, and because of their dedication to preservation, it will continue to be an asset to this community.