Come January, all residents of District 21 will be represented by Elise Stefanik. Her victory speech did not include all of us. It disrespected and alienated over 30% of us who did not vote for her. I hope her attitude will change, but her actions since the election continue to be divisive and deeply partisan.

Government can encourage people to bring ideas to the table and solve problems together. We live in communities. We care about each other, whether successful or struggling. All people matter: workers, the elderly, business owners, veterans, farmers, children, and those marginalized by Stefanik’s past political actions. Health care choices matter for everyone. Access to clean water, air, and affordable energy is a priority. Internet, revitalized infrastructure and federal incentives are crucial to growth in our rural communities. Lower drug prices and access to mental health services make a huge difference. These have not been her priorities.

There is little evidence from Stefanik’s votes in Washington that she will be transparent and truthful. She says one thing and does another. Serving the public means working towards equality and justice for all. I hope she will do this, leaving partisanship behind.

Sarah Meredith
Gilboa, NY