Try listening to the story instead of reading it!

by Dave Warner

The Second Annual Green is White Snowshoe Race was run Saturday morning at the Little Falls Municipal Golf Course and they had significantly better weather for this year’s race than last.

According to Rob Richard, organizer of the race, “We have very good conditions. It’s not too cold, and it’s not too warm. No biting wind like we had last year. The course is more hard-packed this year, so I’m thinking it’s a little faster.”

There were just over twenty people who participated in the race. The Rock City Runners Club will use the proceeds to go towards the purchase of timing equipment for races. “A digital clock and eventually a timing map that will allow you to have bibs that will have chips in them so that you can automatically time races,” Richard said.

He’s hoping that once they are able to purchase the equipment, other people who conduct races will be able to use it, or it will be available for rent.

Richard wanted to make sure that he thanked the Mayor for letting them use the course and Nick Reagan for getting the clubhouse ready. “The City even plowed the parking lot so people had a place to park,” he said.

Michael Farber of Little Falls won the 15k in the men’s division, and Jamie Woolsey won for the women.