Mike McCumber presents a gift certificate to Grayson Judd and his parents on behalf of Daniel Preston, who sponsored the 2019 Halloween Costume Contest.

by Dave Warner

The winners of the 2019 Halloween Costume contest stopped in at Copper Moose Saturday night to receive their $100 gift certificate for winning the most votes in the contest. Mike McCumber presented the check on behalf of Copper Moose and Daniel Preston to 10-month old Grayson Judd and his parents, Ryan and Adrianna.

Adrianna said, “We were trying to figure out something warm for him to wear,”

“I was the huntsman, and she was little red,” said Ryan.

“Sometimes when I’m at home I take little mini photoshoots and I dabble with editing, so I just had these Halloween lights laying around and then I put a background in there,” he said.


The Halloween Costume Contest results showed 10-month old Grayson Judd winning the $100 gift certificate to Copper Moose with 28.86% of the votes. In a close second was Cecilia Zennamo as Wednesday Addams with 26.77% of the vote. More than 2,300 votes were cast to help decide the winner.