by Dave Warner

Traffic at the Little Falls harbor is beginning to return to normal after the Lock 17 mechanical failure a couple of weeks ago.

Mark Roy, Harbormaster stated, “Traffic is beginning to return to normal now. Loopers are working their way through the City now that the lock is able to open more often, and everything feels like it is back to normal.”

Two of the boats in the picture above were homemade boat kits (the yellow and the red ones). “They were both the same plans, but one is three feet longer than the other. If you’re living the dream and want to build your own and take off, there you go.”

“There are a couple of twenty-foot sailboats at the other end that just came up from down south as well,” he stated.

Roy said that several more boats had radioed in that they were on their way, so it looks like space will be at a premium for the next few days.

The Little Falls facility offers kayak and canoe rentals, a boat launch ramp, as well as overnight docking, electricity, water, showers, bathrooms, and area information.

The hours of operation for the harbor are from 7:30 am until 6:00 pm. For more information, call 315-823-1453.