As the holidays are upon us, the Little Falls Historical Society would like readers of My Little Falls to consider giving their loved ones and friends copies of the great book BEYOND OUR BICENTENNIAL as Christmas gifts. One part of the holidays is to “remember when,” and our book does just that, with 250 pages containing 77 articles on community history written by 39 different authors, all Little Falls residents, either past or present.

BEYOND OUR BICENTENNIAL costs $35 (add $5 postage if mailed). We will gladly ship your gift with a complimentary Christmas card enclosed to a person(s) of your choosing. Sounds like easy Christmas shopping! We will also be glad to deliver books to any home in Little Falls free of charge. Please call Jeffrey Gressler at 315/823-2799 to place phone orders.

Copies of BEYOND OUR BICENTENNIAL can also be purchased during Christmas in Little Falls at the Old Bank Building Museum or anytime at:

  • The Community Co-op                                                       – Pohlig Enterprises
  • The Little Falls Public Library                                            – Funtech Providers

Happy Holidays from your friends at the Little Falls Historical Society. Thanks!