(L-R) Neil Rosenbaum, Chef John Luciano, and Dave Casullo hold up an old Henry’s sign in front of the Canal Side Inn.

by Dave Warner

It was a nostalgic night as the new owners of Canal Side Inn brought back Henry’s steak night to the restaurant. They wanted the event to be as authentic as possible, even parking an old car out front to help create the right vibe.

According to Dave Casullo “When I was growing up, there was a legacy about the steak house and I never had the opportunity to participate. My family never came here and I’m not sure why, but it may have been beyond their means frankly. When we were able to reopen the restaurant, the energy was such that people started to say it kinda feels like Henry’s did for those that remembered it.”

So, the new owners thought that it would be great to have Henry’s theme night.

“It’s incredibly exciting how much we’ve heard from the community about how excited they are to be here and that it’s something that speaks to the tradition of the City. Unfortunately, we’ve had many people that we had to turn away because we just couldn’t seat as many people as wanted to come,” stated Neil Rosenbaum.

There was a lot of research that went into the special night, including reaching out to the Guisto descendants in order to make sure that things were authentic. “There are only three items on the menu, which is what Henry’s was known for,” said Rosenbaum.

The owners are looking at making Henry’s night at least an annual event, along with all of the other special nights that they are planning.

“We just plan on building on it each year. Next year we hope to have a whole line of classic cars out front,” stated Rosenbaum. “We love to see people in the City enjoying it and realizing all of the wonderful things that are here.”

For more information or reservations at Canal Side Inn, visit their website www.canalsideinn.com

Photo by Dave Warner - Owners and Staff of the Canal Side Inn pose for a picture before opening for Henry's night.

Photo by Dave Warner – Owners and Staff of the Canal Side Inn pose for a picture before opening for Henry’s night.