Herkimer-Fulton-Hamilton-Otsego BOCES recently announced the Honor Rolls and High Honor Rolls for its Technical Education programs for the fourth marking period of the 2023-24 school year.

The Honor Rolls and High Honor Rolls were for the 14 Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs and Valley Pathways in Technology Early College High School (VP-TECH).

The following are the High Honor Roll and Honor Roll lists. The lists are separated by grade level and the programs the students are in. Students also are listed with their home school districts.

CTE High Honor Roll:


Building Construction: Arrissa Bunker (Herkimer)

Criminal Justice: Aubrey Lewis (Herkimer)

Culinary and Hospitality: Haylie Lowe (Poland), Keegan Moss (Central Valley), Elizabeth Muller (Poland), Hayley Stephens (Poland) and Samantha Ward (Frankfort-Schuyler)

Health Science Careers: Zoey Caldwell (Herkimer)

Heavy Equipment Repair Operations: Olivia Bevins (Mount Markham), Isabella Lawrence (Central Valley) and Xavier Price (Central Valley)

Power Sports & Agricultural Mechanics: Elijah Assisi (Mount Markham) and Denten Spellman (West Canada Valley)

Visual Communications and Media Arts: Keira Lee (Central Valley)


Advanced Manufacturing: Santino Luce (Herkimer)

Automotive Technology: Austin Barton (Dolgeville), Danny Bleaking (Herkimer), Michael Ferguson (Frankfort-Schuyler) and Brayden Hall (Frankfort-Schuyler)

Criminal Justice: Jarrett Coffey (Frankfort-Schuyler) and Jack Kozma (Herkimer)

Culinary and Hospitality: Anthony Smith (West Canada Valley)

Health Science Careers: Gabrielle Slater (Little Falls)

Network Administration: Daniel Gauthier (West Canada Valley) and Tyler Ossont (West Canada Valley)

Power Sports & Agricultural Mechanics: Steven Lewosko (Mount Markham)

CTE Honor Roll:


Advanced Manufacturing: Ethan Regilski (Central Valley)

Building Construction: Derek Barnes (Little Falls) and Cameron Voce (Herkimer)

Child Family Services: Alyssa Becker (Central Valley) and Jasmine LaCelle (Central Valley)

Conservation: Kyle Grimaldi (Poland)

Culinary and Hospitality: Brandon Magana (Frankfort-Schuyler), Isabella Meeker (Herkimer), Alexandra Marsala (Mount Markham) and Margaret Tompkins (Central Valley)

Health Science Careers: Taylor Dicob (Central Valley), Tegan Price (Central Valley) and Gia Reyes (Little Falls)

Heavy Equipment Repair Operations: Sean Murray (Owen D. Young) and Stephen Snyder (Richfield Springs)

Network Administration: Brian Seigle (Richfield Springs)

Power Sports & Agricultural Mechanics: Shane Bass (West Canada Valley), Xavier Dunn (Little Falls), Thomas Haver (Poland), Riley Suhocki (Central Valley) and Joseph Tinkler (Little Falls)

Visual Communications and Media Arts: Paige Austin (Central Valley), John Guy (Dolgeville) and Olivia Johns (Central Valley)

Welding and Metal Fabrication: Jarrett Brelinsky (West Canada Valley), Colin Hart (Herkimer), Zachary Congden (Mount Markham), Riley Johnson (Central Valley), Joshua Conover (West Canada Valley), Riley Pine (Herkimer), Lillian Frable (Richfield Springs) and Carson Seamon (Richfield Springs)


Advanced Manufacturing: Nathan LaVeck (Herkimer)

Automotive Technology: Dylan Dennis (Richfield Springs), Dustin Shannon-Dineen (West Canada Valley), Talan Jaquay (Dolgeville) and Owen Vedder (Dolgeville)

Building Construction: Juliette Kosicki (Little Falls)

Child Family Services: Tiffany Kretchman (Central Valley)

Conservation: Allyson Morales (Central Valley)

Cosmetology: Victoria Gallette (Dolgeville), Izabelle Lyon (Dolgeville) and Jozlyn Morrill (Dolgeville)

Criminal Justice: Breanna Krick (Dolgeville), Abigail Myers (Little Falls), Kadence Lyman (Central Valley) and Jonathan Sobers (Richfield Springs)

Culinary and Hospitality: Rory Clanton (Herkimer), JayMike Crichton (Herkimer), Nathan Cornacchia (West Canada Valley) and Paige Maida (West Canada Valley)

Health Science Careers: Amela Dervisevic (Frankfort-Schuyler), Kaylee Kirkpatrick (Little Falls), Alivia Graves (Frankfort-Schuyler), Alexis Ruggerio (Little Falls) and Sophia Hazeltine (Frankfort-Schuyler)

Heavy Equipment Repair Operations: Derek Newtown (Central Valley), James Southworth (Mount Markham), Ethan Plonks (Dolgeville) and Nathen Teachout (Richfield Springs)

Network Administration: Justin Stultz (Little Falls)

Power Sports & Agricultural Mechanics: Andrew Carney (West Canada Valley), Owen Smith (Mount Markham), Matthew Cotton (Little Falls), Colton Walker (Mount Markham) and Maxwell Pullis (Owen D. Young)

Visual Communications and Media Arts: Jillian Hutchinson (Herkimer), George Rodger (Little Falls), Lilia McLean (Herkimer) and Azeliah Saunders (Herkimer)

Welding and Metal Fabrication: Kaleb Davis (Herkimer), Mark McGowan (Dolgeville), Chase Harrer (Little Falls), Kaden Vincent (West Canada Valley) and Noah Izzo (Dolgeville)

VP-TECH High Honor Roll:

Christiana Leal-Fowler (Herkimer)

VP-TECH Honor Roll:

Makenzie Boardman (Central Valley), Noah Seymour (Central Valley), Zachary Cool (Central Valley), Kadyn Farley (Dolgeville), Autumn Type (Dolgeville), Ciarra Tero-Gomez (Herkimer) and Kaylee Walter (Little Falls)