Herkimer College had 36 student-athletes named NJCAA Region III Academic All-Region earlier this week.

The recognition is earned by maintaining a 3.50 GPA or better while taking 24 or more credit hours during the 2023-2024 academic year. Fifteen of the 36 students recognized competed in multiple sports throughout the year.

“This is the true meaning of a student-athlete. Herkimer College takes great pride in academic excellence, Without the exceptional working relationships of our faculty and staff with our student-athletes, awards like this would not happen. It is a testament to our commitment to both academics and athletics,” said Dean of Students/Director of Athletics Don Dutcher.

Below is the list of Herkimer College student-athletes named NJCAA Region III Academic All-Region.

Aaron Pope, Cross Country/Track & Field

Alexis Heath, Cross Country/Track & Field

Amelia Bowman-McCoy, Cross Country/Track & Field

Americus Cotton, Bowling

Anderson Eggleston, Soccer/Basketball/Tennis

Anthony Zysk, Golf

Bailey Harrer, Bowling

Bryan Doyle, Cross Country/Track & Field

Cathal Carney, Soccer

Elizabeth Cingranelli, Soccer/Tennis

Ethan Hammer, Cross Country/Track & Field

Harry Berezansky, Baseball

Takami Hattori, Soccer

Haylie Buysse, Soccer/ Basketball

Jack Bowden, Soccer

Jiaxing Guo, Esports

Joaquin Nietes, Track & Field

Kelsey Richardson, Softball

Kerrigan Crysler, Softball

Kimora Brown, Soccer/Softball

Kwabena Sarpong, Soccer

Lydia Reimer, Soccer/Basketball/Tennis

Maddison Winters Bowling

Maria Golden, Basketball/Tennis

Marley Harmer, Soccer/Basketball/Tennis

Mason Snell, Baseball

Maximilian Pawlowski, Soccer

Michael Green, Cross Country/Track & Field

Naomi Cohen, Softball

Owen Capria, Bowling/Esports

Ryan Jenkins, Cross Country/Track & Field

Ryleigh Hart, Soccer

Seunghun Yoo, Soccer

Sotaro Ishida, Baseball

Zain Ibrahim, Soccer

Zayne Throckmorton, Soccer