At its May meeting, the Herkimer County Community College Board of Trustees approved the tuition and fee schedule for fiscal year 2025. For the fourth consecutive year, full-time tuition will stay at the current cost of $2,558 per semester and part-time tuition will remain $189 per credit hour. The student fee schedule and on-campus housing costs will also remain unchanged.

Officer-in-Charge Nicholas Laino said the freeze in tuition, fees, and housing costs demonstrates the College’s commitment to maintaining an affordable and accessible higher education opportunity for all learners.

“We are grateful to the Board of Trustees and the Herkimer College Housing Corporation for their continued efforts to hold down costs for our students,” said Laino.

Additionally, the cost of Herkimer’s course-material delivery program, BookMarket™, will also remain flat at $24 per credit hour. Made possible by a collaboration between Herkimer College and Barnes & Noble College, BookMarket™ lowers the cost of materials and ensures students have access to all their required textbooks on or before the first day of class.

Herkimer College was awarded Most Affordable by in their 2023 list of the Best Community Colleges in New York.