The Herkimer County Industrial Development Agency, in partnership with KK&P, a NY-based food systems consultancy, will be hosting a public participation session to discuss the findings from a recently administered food processing study. The session will be held at the Herkimer County Community College Sarkus-Bush Theater on June 2nd from 6 PM – 8 PM. The Herkimer County IDA has been working with KK&P to complete a food processing study to assess and target opportunities for growth in the food manufacturing sector in Herkimer County.

These Results Matter! – The results of this food processing study are critical for Herkimer County and will aid in targeting and recruiting industries and businesses within the food manufacturing sector that could benefit from Herkimer County’s many assets. These results will aid in the decision-making throughout the county moving forward and will have an impact on the overall growth in the food manufacturing market.

Importance of This Study – In 2020, Herkimer County received a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) award. This award was to be used to conduct a study assessing economic development opportunities related to food processing and manufacturing within the county. Herkimer County IDA used this CDBG grant to fund a food processing market study, in order to address the growing need for programs that support the agricultural industry. This study will aid in the development and implementation of strategies that will help in the growth and expansion of food and agriculture businesses in Herkimer County.

Participate in the Public Session – Not only is this session a way to present the findings of the study, but it is also a way for local residents to share their opinions on the future of food processing. The main purpose of this study is to better equip the county to succeed in the future, and we need your support and opinions on the food processing study in order to plan for future development.

Learn More – If you would like to learn more about this public participation session and what can result from this study, please contact Victoria Adams by phone at (315) 866-3000 or by email at