“The Herkimer County Legislature has accepted the tentative budget of $107,416,273 for 2022,” stated Patrick Russell, Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee. He added “The tentative budget has a flat tax levy from last year and a 3.48% decrease in the tax rate. Each municipality’s rate will vary due to what happened with the City and towns’ equalization rates. This tax rate decrease is in line with the last eight years with the average decrease over that span being 2.13%.” 

Chairman Bono added, “I’m pleased that we are able to produce a structurally sound budget that carries a tax rate decrease without cuts in services.” The Legislature is proud of the job our employees have always done, but especially for the last 21 months during COVID. We didn’t lay off a single employee during this difficult time and our employees answered the bell to provide the necessary services to our residents.” 

Budget Officer Ferdula added “Some of the headwinds we faced in preparing the 2022 budget were lost revenues of $336,686 on our In Rem tax sales, $200,000 increase to other community colleges, $200,000 in Mental Health placements (state cut their 50% share two years ago), a loss of interest earnings of $125,000 and an increase of $140,000 in utility costs. On the positive side, we are seeing a $1.4 million dollar increase in sales tax, $80,000 in gaming revenue, a $100,000 increase in additional Medicaid Part D reimbursements, and a $100,000 increase in the County’s portion of the mortgage tax.” She added, “There is no use of General Fund unassigned fund balance in this budget.” 

Mr. Russell concluded “With the influx of federal dollars that we anticipate will not be available in the near future, we are happy with this budget not just for 2022 but for moving the County’s finances forward for the next several years. I want to thank the Ways & Means Committee, the entire Legislature, Mr. Wallace and Ms. Ferdula as well as all of the Department Heads and staff for the work done on this budget as well as for their efforts day in and day out for the taxpayers of Herkimer County 

The tentative budget has been submitted to the Clerk of the Legislature and is available for viewing in her office. It is also online at www.herkimercounty.org. Copies of the tentative budget are available in the Budget Office. The Legislature has scheduled a public hearing on the budget for December 15, 2021,at 6:00 p.m. and it will be voted on by the Legislature on that date. 

For further information, contact James W. Wallace, Jr., County Administrator at (315)867-1112 or Sheri Ferdula, Budget Officer at (315)867-1119