by Dave Warner

Area Republicans gathered at the Dolgeville Athletic Club on Tuesday afternoon in the rain and fog to hold a Back the Blue rally organized by the Herkimer County GOP for Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, and Claudia Tenney. Assemblyman Robert Smullen also made an appearance onstage during the event.

In an interview with My Little Falls, Elise Stefanik said, “I’m most proud of the record of results we’ve been able to deliver working with President Trump. I’ve served with two presidents. When President Obama was in office at the tail end and then the 2016 election, which defied all the pollsters and all the media when Trump was elected.”

She went on to say, “Whether it’s rebuilding the nation’s military, whether it’s passing UMCA, reducing regulations, economic growth, or during COVID, the largest economic rescue package in our nation’s history for small businesses, I’m proud of the results I’ve been able to delivery working with President Trump.”

Stefanik said that everywhere she drives, Trump signs outnumber Biden’s by 10 to 1. “I think President Trump’s supporters are energized. I think they will get to the poles. There is no enthusiasm for Joe Biden, that’s a long-standing issue that he faces and it’s a challenge that he faces, and he’s not out there working every day to earn it.”

She said that President Trump not only beat COVID but that he’s back out there speaking directly to the American people. “They were right when they said (this rally) is bigger than any Joe Biden event that he’s had this year. So it shows the enthusiasm that our voters have. I feel very confident that he’s going to win overwhelming in the North Country.”

Claudia Tenney also said that she has experienced the enthusiasm while campaigning and felt that the last campaign was difficult because of the Mueller investigation and the fact that the economy had not started rolling. “I think people have now seen what the Democrats have to offer and I think they’re energized and realize they have been lied to,” she stated.

“They know that Anthony Brindisi is a far-left liberal and that he’s not a moderate, even though the media tries desperately to describe him that way. I think people are starting to see that he votes 90% of the time with Nancy Pelosi and even AOC votes more with Trump than Anthony Brindisi,” she stated.

“Putting in bills that are just in the ether somewhere that will never see a committee vote or be seen on the floor, are really just for messaging. Most of these supposedly bi-partisan bills have come within the last 60-90 days,” Tenney said.

Even though she said she’s being outspent three to one, people are learning that she had been a very moderate common sense person when she had the office. “I think people now realize that I was a person of action as a business person and that I really care about my constituents and my community. I never really get to tell my story because no one will tell it in my region.”

She said that they are spending a lot more time trying to get the message out through social media and digital platforms.

Tenney said that she is amazed that nobody even knows that her son is a Naval Academy graduate and a Marine. “People don’t even know that I ran my family business,” she said.

“As a small business owner, I have yet to go to a single business who hasn’t raved about the tax cuts. It’s the little glimmer of hope that the people in Upstate New York have been able to get despite the onslaught of taxes and regulations, shutdowns, and putting all these businesses in jeopardy,” Tenney stated.

She said that many businesses that she’s talked to have said they can only take about one more month of closures. “We’re in jeopardy in New York and we need leadership, we need real accomplishments.”