The Herkimer Central School District Class of 2024 graduated in an outdoor ceremony on Friday, June 28, at the Herkimer Athletic Complex.

During the ceremony, Herkimer High School Principal Zachary Abbe, Superintendent Kathleen Carney and Board of Education President Brian Crandall spoke to the graduates. Class of 2024 valedictorian Victoria Stapf and salutatorian Kyle Carney gave speeches about the successes of their class, reflected on going through hybrid learning during COVID-19, looked to the future and thanked their families, the community and everyone at the school.

Stapf’s speech included talking about the class’s accomplishments and memories made together.

“From breaking school records, restarting athletic programs, and enacting public policy to pushing ourselves to get more involved, earn higher grades, and explore every opportunity before us, the Class of 2024 is truly an accomplished group of individuals who have all made their mark on this community,” Stapf said.

Ultimately, it’s the memories the students made together that will forever unite them, Stapf said.

“The friendships and connections we made here in these halls are what will allow us to always call Herkimer home no matter how far we go,” Stapf said.

Carney said in his speech that the Class of 2024 is one of those groups of students that teachers are going to miss.

“Not only are we social, dependable, trustworthy, kind, funny, and hardworking, we excel in everything we strive to do,” Carney said. “Whether it be in the classroom, on the stage, on the field, on the court, or in the trades, we put forth our best effort to achieve greatness.”

Carney also spoke about the special relationships among students in the class and about how important he believes it is to remember to laugh.

“As much as the resume of academic, musical, and athletic achievement speak for themselves with the class of 2024, that is not the thing I am going to miss the most,” Carney said. “The things I am going to miss most are the connectedness and humor.”

The following is a list of the Herkimer Central School District Class of 2024:

Christian Allen

Chance Arabia-Everson

Savannah Blake

Althea Brown

Arrissa Bunker

Jadan Cabrera

Zoey Caldwell

John Campagna

Nathan Cannon

Kyle Carney

Lindsey Carpenter

Emily Cerio

Alex Collis

Adelisa Covic

Jayden Crandall

Marie Cugliandro

Jason Failing Jr.

Nicholas Ferreras

Emily Gabruk

Christos Gasparinatos

Danielle Gilbert

Michael Goodson Jr.

Kevin Gregory

Colin Hart

Marcela Hartman

Juleighanna Herringshaw

James Hess

Emmanuel Johnson

Ayden Kappus

Lukas Krenichyn

Nicholas Lamanna

Cassandra Larzelere

Aubrey Lewis

Destiny Luck

John Maher

Evan Martyniuk

Perzhia Mayo

Isabella Meeker

Kaithlyn Merette Gonzalez


Colin Murphy

Timothy Murray Jr.

Alex Noonan

Abbigail O’Hara

Layla Parham

Riley Pine

Maxwell Polus

Haley Rando

Julian Ruffule

Dirk Salamon

Naeleah Santiago Vazquez

Amelia Sheldriclc

Corin Smith

Colin Spisak

Victoria Stapf

Ciarra Tero-Gomez

Zaire Titus

Jordan Topolski

Gracie Tutty

Roma Verenich

Cameron Voce

Baker Webster

Ethan Weisser

Emily Whaley

Leslie Xiao

Madison Zahniser

Don Zhao