Photo submitted: Herkimer Central School District seniors who ranked in the top 10 for their grade-point averages received a breakfast celebration on Wednesday, May 1, in the School Counseling Department’s conference room. Pictured, here the top 10 students of the Class of 2024 pose together in the School Counseling Department office. From left, front row: Danielle Gilbert, Cassandra Larzelere, Cameron Voce, Zoey Caldwell and Victoria Stapf. Back row: Dirk Salamon, Jayden Crandall, Kyle Carney, Don Zhao and John Campagna.

Herkimer Central School District recently announced the top 10 students with the highest grade-point averages for the Class of 2024 and honored them with a breakfast celebration.

Herkimer High School Principal Zachary Abbe and high school counselor Carolyn Saugh presented the breakfast to the students on Wednesday, May 1, in the School Counseling Department’s conference room to celebrate the student’s hard work that has led to their academic achievement.

“These 10 students really showcase how there is no one path to success,” Abbe said. “They have a variety of academic and extracurricular backgrounds, but what they do have in common is an appreciation for education and a strong work ethic. There is no doubt that these 10 students are ready for whatever path they choose post high school.”

The top 10, listed alphabetically by last name, are: Zoey Caldwell, John Campagna, Kyle Carney, Jayden Crandall, Danielle Gilbert, Cassandra Larzelere, Dirk Salamon, Victoria Stapf, Cameron Voce and Don Zhao.

The Class of 2024 graduation takes place on Friday, June 28.