by Dave Warner

Every Friday is High Five Friday at Benton Hall Academy, and the kids love it. It’s an opportunity for the sports teams to get involved with the elementary school kids, starting their day off with a high five as they enter the building.

Tracy Young said that Ashly Condon shared a video on Facebook where they were doing it at the school where her kids would go in South Carolina. “It was very inspiring, and I said, oh, I really want to do that.”

Young emailed the principals and superintendent with her thoughts, and they thought it was a great idea.

“Last week, we did it for the first time with the football players down here, and now we have the field hockey players this week. I already have the girl’s soccer team scheduled, and we’re going to have cross country and tennis,” Young stated.

Plans are for the Connected Community Schools to come down as well as the other sports teams. “Even if it’s going to be chilly, we’ll have them inside every Friday for High Five Friday, just to get the kids all pumped up and ready to go.”

Young said, “Look at how happy they are. They all want to do it again.”