A Collaboration of Full-flavored, Handmade Nicaraguan Cigars and Curated Premium Bourbons

Little Falls, NY—Cigar and bourbon enthusiasts (and those interested in this curious group) are invited to an exclusive pairing event at the Historic Overlook Mansion in Little Falls, New York, on Saturday, October 23, 2021, between the hours of 5 pm and 8 pm.

Bringing this type of cultural experience to the Mohawk Valley is the vision of local entrepreneur/developer Daniel Preston. Preston’s mission is to redevelop the waterfront and key irreplaceable historic buildings in Little Falls. When asked his thoughts behind this event, he replied, “It will be a wonderful experience for old friends to meet new friends, a way to inspire and include everyone in community development.”

Preston was awarded the first distillation license in NY since prohibition. “When I started Widow Jane, I knew it would be much more than just another bourbon company. The distillery in Red Hook, Brooklyn, became a cultural center and planted the seed for so many other things to happen there. I want to see similar things happen in Little Falls”, said Preston.

This is the first of what Preston hopes to be many new and exciting events that inspire a sense of culture, education, and community.

Preston has brought in long-time friend Omar de Frias, former professional basketball player, NASA analyst, and owner of Fratello Cigars, to participate. De Frias will be highlighting his unique brand of premium handmade, Nicaraguan leaf Cigars. Fratello cigars are small-batch boutique cigars with a rich, complex flavor, constructed using the finest hand-selected tobaccos. “Quality cigars have the ability to change your pallet. Intellectually, it’s fun to sip your bourbon and taste the cigar and feel that change in the moment. I’m thrilled to be able to connect people in the area to Fratello Cigars”, said Preston.

Bourbon pairings will be hand-selected for the event by Meghan Tracy, General Manager of Ann Street Liquors in Little Falls. Tracy will be uncorking a variety of familiar brands as well as some lesser-known top-shelf bourbons. “One thing I’ve had my eye on is bourbon culture. Over the last year, I’ve worked hard on building a curated selection of hard-to-find bourbons”, said Tracy. Selections include:

Widow Jane 10-Year-Old: produced in Brooklyn using limestone water from the historic Widow Jane mine. The only source of hydraulic lime in America. It was the Widow Jane mine that produced the cement for the Erie Canal and the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and Empire State building. Markers Mark® 46: is a bolder and more complex take on the classic Makers Mark. It is first aged in American oak barrels and then a second time in French oak. Willet Post Still Reserve: a small-batch bourbon with honey and caramel combining to form a sweet note against a light punch of spice and zesty citrus, with a light but complex mixture of tastes and aromas.

The mansion’s scenic views at sunset offer the perfect backdrop for a stellar cocktail party of unique pairings, lite tapas appetizers (imported from the Azores) with a Latin vibe of classic Cuban merengue music. “There’s a lot of intrigue surrounding the Overlook Mansion, and I want people to get excited about bringing it back to life. This will be a night for old friends, meeting new ones, memorable conversations, and community development. We will have a style guide displayed during the event so attendees can get an idea of where we are going with that space and others”, said Preston.

Preston is also committed to supporting the livelihood of important organizations that serve Little Falls and the surrounding communities. “Collaborating and connecting people around productive and creative ideas is important to me. I also want to support and create more visibility for entities such as the Little Falls Youth and Family Center that already do so much for our community.”

Tickets are on sale through CigarsandBourbon.Eventbrite.com. Hardcopy tickets are also available from Ann Street Liquor, 18 N. Ann Street, Little Falls, NY, Monday through Friday from 9–5 pm. Each ticket includes two carefully paired selections of cigars and bourbon. Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Little Falls Youth & Family Center’s Food Pantry.