Holy Family Parish 763 E. Main Street, Little Falls, NY 13365
St. Joseph Church 36 N. Helmer Ave., Dolgeville NY 13329
(St. Joseph office is located at 763 E. Main St., Little Falls)

Currently, all public masses are canceled.

Holy Family Parish is open for private prayer and reflection daily:

Monday – Friday 9am-3pm

Saturday – 9am-5pm

Sunday – 9am-12noon

St. Joseph’s Church is open daily 9 am-4 pm.

Three weeks ago we met St. Thomas in the upper room as he doubted whether Jesus had really been raised from the dead. We see Thomas again today as Jesus tells him, and us, that the way to heaven, the way to the Father’s house, is through Jesus, who is the way and the truth and the life. How do we get to the Father’s house? By living the life shown us by Jesus in the gospels. By loving God above all things, and by loving my neighbor as myself. By treating everyone with humility, patience, kindness, and compassion. By never purposely harming another person. And, by never making the other’s journey through life more difficult than it probably already is. That’s the way to the Father’s house.

It is a centuries-old custom of Catholics to dedicate the month of May to the Blessed Virgin Mary. In our pilgrimage of faith, we walk always with Mary at our side. She is our model of faith, and she helps us with her prayers to live by faith. She teaches us to believe as she believed. Always, but especially in this month dedicated to Mary, we are invited to pray with and through her. Let us all place ourselves in the school of Mary to learn from her how to love God more fervently and to love one another as her Son has loved us.

Mary, Mother of God and our Mother, pray for all mothers so that they will be able to fulfill their maternal responsibilities.
Help them to be lovers and nurturers of all human life from the moment of conception until natural death, all the while being examples for their own children.
Pray for their children, so that they, too, will be faithful followers of Your Son.
We offer these prayers in Jesus’ name, in union with the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever.