Holy Family Parish 763 E. Main Street, Little Falls, NY 13365
St. Joseph Church 36 N. Helmer Ave., Dolgeville NY 13329

Holy Family Parish – Mass Schedule: Saturday Vigil: 4:00 PM – Sunday: 10:30 AM
Tuesday & Thursday: 12:10 PM unless there is a funeral
Sacrament of Reconciliation-Saturdays – 3:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Website: parishes.rcda.org/Holy_Family_Parish

St. Joseph – Mass Schedule : Sunday: 9:00 AM
Monday & Wednesday: 9:00 AM unless there is a funeral
Website: parishes.rcda.org/stjosephsdolgeville

Holy Family Parish, Little Falls and St. Joseph, Dolgeville will gather this weekend
June 15/16, 2019 to celebrate The Most Holy Trinity. All are welcome to join us.
Whether we think about it or not, every time we come into the church, dip our fingers into the font of holy water and make the sign of the cross, we remember the Holy Trinity. We bless ourselves in the name of the Father and Son and Holy Spirit. We see the Father as the creator of all things. We see Jesus as the only Son of the Father. And we see the Holy Spirit as the one sent by the Father to journey with us through life. This great mystery of three persons but only one God is difficult to fathom. We accept it on faith that the Father gives everything to Jesus – all life, all love, all truth. The Spirit takes from Jesus to “declare to us the things that are coming.” Such is the dynamic of the Trinity. What is coming? Full entry into God.
This Sunday is Father’s Day. On this Sunday we celebrate fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of men and fathers in society. As Catholics we take St. Joseph, the husband of the Blessed Mother Mary and stepfather to Jesus as our example of what a father, what a man, is expected to be. Joseph was always there for Mary and Jesus, providing for their material needs through his hard work as a carpenter. He was always there to protect them, making sure King Herod didn’t get to Jesus as Herod tried to kill him. These attributes of Joseph – protecting and providing for – seem rather quaint in today’s world, but society would be much stronger if all men emulated St. Joseph.
This weekend we welcome into our community of faith, Novaia Rosa Rynea Chavez through the Sacrament of Baptism.
This weeks collection items for the food pantry are; pasta, sauces, spaghettios, canned ravioli
Monetary donations are always appreciated.