Holy Family Parish 763 E. Main Street, Little Falls, NY 13365
St. Joseph Church 36 N. Helmer Ave., Dolgeville NY 13329

Holy Family Parish – Mass Schedule: Saturday Vigil: 4:00 PM – Sunday: 10:30 AM
Tuesday & Thursday: 12:10 PM unless there is a funeral
Sacrament of Reconciliation-Saturdays – 3:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Website: parishes.rcda.org/Holy_Family_Parish

St. Joseph – Mass Schedule : Sunday: 9:00 AM
Monday & Wednesday: 9:00 AM unless there is a funeral
Website: parishes.rcda.org/stjosephsdolgeville

Holy Family Parish, Little Falls and St. Joseph, Dolgeville will gather this weekend
August 31/September 11, 2019 to celebrate the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time. All are welcome to join us.
“Everyone who humbles himself will be exalted, and he who exalts himself will be humbled.” If there ever was proof that Christians are meant to be counter-cultural, this is it. We live in a society where fame and fortune are revered, and, unfortunately, we find very little humility in most of those people. To be humble, in the Christian sense of the word, means to understand the gifts that God has given us and to use those gifts for God’s kingdom, in other words, to use those gifts for the good of others. It is not about our fame, it is about the good we can do for others. It is not about our fortune, it is the good we can do for others. To put the beginning quote from Jesus in a slightly different way: It is not about what I do, it is about who I am. A question for all of us as we go throughout this new week: Who am I?
Monday, September 2, is Labor Day, the unofficial end of the summer season. Labor Day is set aside to honor work; work we do to feed our families, to improve our neighborhoods and the world, and to be able to contribute our abilities for the good of others, as is written elsewhere in today’s bulletin (see under the heading: 22nd Sunday). And it doesn’t matter if we work with our hands or our brains. Whether we run a company or pick up the trash or wash the floors. Everyone’s honest work is needed and should be honored. The parish offices will be closed on Monday in honor of this national holiday.
Our annual Fall Retreat will take place on Saturday, September 21, in the Holy Family Parish Hall, beginning at 8:30 and concluding at 12:30 with lunch. Sister Kitty Hanley will be with us again this year. Her theme for this year’s retreat will be “Are you there God? It’s me.” There is no charge for the retreat, but we do ask that you call the parish office and let us know you are planning on attending so we can make arrangements for the food.