Holy Family Parish, a Roman Catholic Church located in Little Falls, NY, is truly a local gem. In 1874, local parishioners petitioned the Bishop to design and build a place of worship. At that time, these parishioners donated their time and money to erect this historic building. What they could not afford in monetary donations, they could provide in labor- digging and preparing the ground for the very foundation on which this Church stands today.

The stone used in construction was mined from local rock quarries. The laying of the cornerstone occurred on Sunday, May 19, 1878. The original Church building was then completed with a bell tower in 1901. This bell tower extends to a height of 185 feet, complete with a massive gilded cross.

The magnificent stained glass windows tell the story of the life of Jesus. They were designed by John Hardman & Company of Birmingham, England. They are modeled after the English style of the fourteenth century.

This beautiful, historic building is now in need of repair. That is why, in the interest of preserving this magnificent Church, we are embarking on a Rebuild & Renew Restoration Campaign. The goal is to fundraise $300,000 for capital projects at the church and Parish Office Building.

The $300,000 will be used for the restoration and protection of the priceless church stained-glass windows, a new boiler for the Parish Office Building and Rectory, safeguarding of the church bells, repair of the drainage issues in the parking lot as well as surface replacement, restoration of living quarters in the church rectory for priests and seminarians, church beautification, upgrades to the parishioner bathroom, and outdoor beautification. All funds raised for Rebuild & Renew are protected and will be earmarked for specific parish projects.

According to Father Slezak, “Any gift would be greatly appreciated. By completing the designated projects, we will ensure quality and lasting value to our facilities for use by current and future generations. I look forward to what we can accomplish together.”

Holy Family Parish is holding a raffle to help benefit their Rebuild & Renew Capital Campaign. Over the next three years, they are trying to raise $300,000 for projects in the Church and Parish Office Building. Tickets for the raffle are $10, with prizes of $500, $1,000, & $2,000—drawing: November 11th.

We are also holding a Wine & Craft Beer reception w/ cheese and light appetizers fundraiser, which will be held on Saturday evening, October 7, from 5:30-7:30 pm and is open to the community. Tickets are $15 per person. The proceeds from this event will go to the Rebuild & Renew Campaign as well. Both raffle and fundraiser tickets are available at the parish office. Please stop by or call to purchase yours.

Those interested in supporting the campaign can find more information regarding Rebuild & Renew and/or donate online at holyfamilylittlefalls.org or send a check payable to Holy Family Capital Campaign to 763 E. Main Street, Little Falls, NY 13365. Individuals with questions can contact Father Slezak at 315-823-3410.