On November the 3rd, Beardslee Castle will host a fundraiser for the Little Falls Public Library. The event, called “Igniting the Creative Spirit” will feature a performance by local Celtic music group, The Marsh King’s Daughter.

Library director Anne Nassar recently did an interview with band members Dan Sargent, Tavia Hach and Mike Carroll

What instruments do you play?
Dan – Guitar
Tavia – Irish Harp, fiddle, cello
Mike – Irish flute, tin whistles, concertina

How would you describe your music?
To boil it down…I would describe our music as bridging and blending European musical traditions and more recent American folk/blues.

Do you perform your own originals?
Yes, a few

What drew you to your style of music?
Tavia – Passion!
Dan – In large part by growing up in the rich musical diversity of the Mohawk Valley… that and the Grateful Dead.
Mike – heritage; my mother is from Ireland. And the Grateful Dead.

Where have people seen you before?
You’ll see us playing in Little Falls during occasional Third Thursdays and festivals.

Do you have a CD or a website?
No CD or website…yet

What made you want to support the library?
We love the library! and you asked.

Tickets for “Igniting the Creative Spirit” are $35. They can be purchased at the library, on Facebook and on Eventbrite.com. For more information, please call (315) 823-1452.