Danielle Nicole sits down at Stone Mill’s fourth floor for her interview.

by Dave Warner

Each Thursday during the month of June 2020, we are publishing a video of the Danielle Nicole experience in Little Falls, which was last August 2019. It’s a way to get out of the ‘pandemic blues’ and remember what life used to be like in Little Falls so that we can get back to letting the good times roll once again.

Jordyan Mueller who was the production manager for the event said, “As a younger member of the community that came back to Little Falls after being gone for a little while, having the opportunity to put together the Danielle Nicole experience was really inspiring.”

“It was a lot of work, but I recognized that people really have a collective will in this community to make really amazing, beautiful experiences happen and that they want to do that together. For me, it really fostered a sense of hope for what else might be possible, and to be able to bring people together around music was really special,” she said.

Mueller said that the group of volunteers had only five weeks to pull off the event, that was inside, on Labor Day weekend. “We packed that house, and it was the relationships and the number of people that dedicated their time to getting the word out and getting them excited about it. That was an amazing thing to experience and be a part of.”

In this week’s video segment, Nicole talks about her children, her priorities, and the history of music in her family.

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