by Dave Warner

The One City One Book event came to a close Tuesday afternoon at the Little Falls Public Library with the final chapter being read to a room full of children by Tracy Young.

The idea for the project was to encourage reading during the month of April within the community. And by all accounts, it was a huge success.

Young, one of the organizers of the event said “Overall, I think it has been wonderful. We’ve heard from the public and from the community how everyone has been reading along and following on Facebook all of the readers. There have been a lot of shares of the videos. Kids have been looking in school for what classroom Ivan has been in.”

“Just in the community when he’s out in different places, people have responded positively. One night he was at Ed’s Pizza and they put a bandana on him. So it was nice that he was getting into whatever was happening in the community,” she said.

Young went on to say that it had been a lot of fun to integrate it into different things in the community and to be able to ask children about the subject. “Even though it was an older children’s book, the younger kids still got it because people had been talking with them about it and that was kind of the idea behind the project,” said Young.

Others said that you could be in the grocery store or church and people were talking about the book.

Jessica Kelly, another organizer said “We set it up so that it was hard to avoid Ivan. You were almost forced to be a part of it. That may sound mean, but we wanted the community to be readers and for the children to be involved.”

“It really was a great month of reading, but honestly my favorite part of the month was seeing the community come together in a new way.  I truly believe this was an exercise in community building,” stated Kelly.

“I’m actually looking forward to doing it again next year,” said Young.

Some of the people who participated in the readings were: Amy Bladek, Matt Powers, Marica Bellico, Liz Pritchard, Ann Nasar, Mayor Blask, Scott Kinville, Dan Clarey, Poolney Healy, Dave Warner, Caren Woolner, Chief Mike Masi, Tracy Young, Dave Casullo, Chet Szymanski, Tamara Razanno, Alex Palmer, Lisa Lauritsen and Laura Powers.