By Dave Warner

In a special signing ceremony at Rock City Centre on Saturday afternoon, Little Falls High School senior Tanner Jaquay signed his letter of intent to attend Hobart College in the fall.

According to his mom, Amanda Jaquay, “From 9th grade until his senior year, Tanner was a three-time Team Captain in Football. He was a two-time Section 3, 1st Team All-Star. He was a leader in tackles, forced fumbles, sacks, quarterback pressures, and the beast that other teams would consistently take note of and prepare for.”

“As the ball is snapped, you’d have the possibility of finding him in any position ranging from center, guard, tackle, running back, wide receiver, full back, defensive end, defensive guard, nose guard, linebacker, or even kicker,” she stated.

Amanda continued, “Tanner’s passion is in sports broadcasting and coaching. Luckily for him, this area proved to be the ideal place to find opportunities in both. Tanner was hired as an intern this past year for The Creative Outpost. This local non-profit organization is dedicated to developing creative content and media education. Tanner became the live-streaming play-by-play analyst and sports broadcaster for the professional basketball team, the Herkimer Originals. By season’s end, Tanner did a fantastic job and was an articulate and exciting commentator in his own right.”

Tanner said, “Today was very special, very exciting, and nervous. Watching the video made me cry just a little bit. One tear almost came down. I’ll give you that. This is up there with other special days for me. It was a ton of fun, and I was surprised by the number of people who came out to support me. That was truly heartwarming.”

Amanda said, “I thought today was absolutely incredible. It was the perfect pinnacle for ending Tanner’s High School football career. It was a culmination of all of his hard work. All of the people turning out that he’s lucky to have in his life to support him and show that they’re behind him and ready to root for Hobart with him.”

“I don’t think that it could have been any more perfect. The venue was beautiful, the speech and the video were ‘knock your socks off’ great, so for me, it was the perfect day,” she stated.

Some images from the day and the video are below.