by Dave Warner

Mayor Mark Blask, members of Think Local, family and friends turned out Saturday morning for the ribbon cutting ceremony at Joyfuls Vintage Designs new location at 616 East Main Street.

The business focuses on re-salvaged shabby chic furniture and gifts and is owned by husband and wife team Joy and Jerry Hayes. According to Joy “I like to have people come back because my prices are not outrageous, so it’s an opportunity for local people to shop.”

The business started about eight years ago and “we started with one little piece and I thought she was nuts,” said Jerry.

Jerry is a carpenter and he wanted everything to be straight and square, “and she said it’s gotta be like that. They want it like that…they want it vintage,” Jerry stated. He figured he wouldn’t be able to handle that.

Jerry said “That was eight years ago and now it has become this. A lot of what we find is in really bad shape, but she’ll tell me what she wants to do with it and we give it a new life.”

The store is full of items from the “Island of misfit toys,” says Joy. They buy misfit furniture, doors, windows and other items and repurpose them. An old TV set box might become a new bar, a door becomes a headboard. “We also making dining room tables out of old doors,” she said.

“I like to go to auctions and get old furniture and just brighten it up and make it look nice,” said Joy. They make shelves out of old shutters, they look for antique moldings, trim and anything else that they can find that is old and can be re-purposed.

According to Joy “I love this (new) location. I’m next to a beauty parlor with lots of ladies and across from CVS.” The couple hopes the new spot will draw a lot more traffic with their constantly changing inventory and the new location is much larger than their previous spot.

“As Think Local chairperson, I’m really thrilled to have another store up on Main Street and this is a wonderful store. It’s so beautiful…it’s larger than the other place was and she’s got some beautiful things,” said Elaine Cobb.

Jerry says “We just love, love doing it. It is one-of-a-kind stuff, but it’s not so much that we sold it, but that somebody has this unique piece in their house. It’s a cool feeling to know that.”

If you’d like to find out more about he business, you can visit them on East Main Street or call 315-360-6673.