Ted Schoff with a few members of the 1982 Division ‘B’ New York State High School Baseball State Champions

By Dave Warner

A group of parents have gotten together to start a Junior Legion baseball team here in Little Falls, naming it after local favorite Ted Schoff.

Joe Morotti said, “We’re bringing summer baseball back to Little Falls, which hasn’t been here in a while except for Babe Ruth teams. Typically, Legion baseball is more competitive, so we’re just bringing it back to where it should be. Having a Little Falls team is a benefit. Otherwise, they have to travel to other areas.”

He said it also continues the baseball program we’ve always had in this area. “When I played ball back in the day, we had four Babe Ruth teams. It’s been just a very visible sport in our community, and this is a way to bring it back.”

Morotti says that a Legion team will help improve the skills of the ball players in the City. When asked to write something up about naming the team after Ted Schoff, he said, “That’s easy. Ted embodied the program that currently exists and will continue down the road.”

“Anybody who’s ever played for him will all say the same thing. He is the ultimate individual in terms of what baseball means to Little Falls. By naming it the Ted Schoff Legion Team, it really lends credibility to the program,” he said.

Schoff coached for 31 years in the City, and due to illness, he had to give it up. Morotti said, “Otherwise, he’d be coaching today.”

Little Falls athletes and teams have won five championship banners, including the Ted Schoff-coached 1982 boys’ baseball team championship.

The Schoff Legionnaires Jr Legion baseball team also announced a fundraising campaign and the creation of a special recognition banner that will be displayed at Vet’s Park. This banner will be a tribute to the generous donors who contribute to the team’s success by providing financial support to help kickstart the Jr. Legion team.

The banner will prominently display the names of those who have donated $100 or more to the Schoff Legionnaires Jr Legion baseball team. Each donor’s name will be prominently displayed on the banner as a symbol of their commitment to the team’s success and their belief in the importance of youth sports in the community.

As a donor to the Schoff Legionnaires Jr Legion baseball team, donors will be making a tangible contribution to developing young athletes in the community. The support will help fund equipment, uniforms, and other necessary expenses that are essential for the team’s success.

A spokesperson for the new team stated, “Adding your name to the recognition banner will show your dedication to the team and help inspire future generations of athletes. The Schoff Legionnaires Jr Legion baseball team and the community thank you for your generosity and support.”

“I think it will mean the world to the family. It will mean the world to Ted to know that people think about him and continue to think about him. His name and his memory are going to carry on,” Morotti stated.

He said to consider the number of players he has touched over 31 years. “It’s more than 3,100 kids. You could not find a better person in my eyes to name a team after.”

If you’d like to donate, all checks should be payable to: Little Falls American Legion and can be dropped off at 100 West Main St.