Try listening to the story instead of reading it!

by Dave Warner

Each Thursday during the month of June 2020, we are publishing a video of the Danielle Nicole experience in Little Falls, which was last August 2019. It’s a way to get out of the ‘pandemic blues’ and remember what life used to be like in Little Falls so that we can get back to letting the good times roll once again.

Martin Babinec, the producer for the show, had some thoughts about the experience. “Danielle Nicole is a rising star with a lot of heart, and these videos bring out not just Danielle Nicole as a performer, but Danielle Nicole as a person. That’s what makes this interesting.”

The series is a combination of some short videos and a few longer ones that run between 5 and 15 minutes. “It’s the longer-form ones that are especially interesting,” said Babinec.

“This was a real production, one that was at a level that we had not seen in this community before. It wasn’t just getting out the turnout, which was a big deal in itself, but it was every aspect of the production, from getting the stage to look a certain way, to lighting, tickets, and ushers. There was a lot of work that went into this,” he stated.

Volunteers did the bulk of the work, and according to  Babinec, it’s what Little Falls is all about. “I can look back at that experience and have a lot of pride for the community, not just because it was a quality act, but in how everyone came together to make it happen.”

There were doubters at the beginning of the process because it was the Friday night of the Labor Day weekend. “The fact that we were able to pull that off, means that we have a lot to be proud of,” stated Babinec.

“I’m looking forward as we go through these videos to relive some of that and hope that the community feels that pride as well,” he said.

In this week’s video segment, Nicole talks about what it’s like to just ‘dive in’ to the little towns that she plays in.

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