by Dave Warner

Ken Noonan of Rocky’s Ringers bowled a perfect 300 in the Friday Niter’s league play.

Noonan has been bowling for most of his life, and as a child, he used to bowl on Saturday mornings. He had been on Rocky’s Ringers many years ago and only rejoined the team about five years ago.

He said “I never came close to a 300 before. I had a couple of 280s, but that was it. Three-quarters of the balls were good balls…they were all in the pocket except for the very last one. I was so nervous, I got up there and threw it way off and it barely hit the headpin and they all scrambled and I got it.”

Everyone was watching Noonan towards the end and “the whole alley went dead quiet,” he said. “That’s why I was so nervous I guess.”

“It was a miracle on the last ball,” he said. When he got that last strike, everyone went crazy. “We don’t get to see too many 300 games here.”

The team is in second place, two games behind the F’n 10 Pin team.