Welcome to Little Falls! Maybe you have lived here your whole life, or just arrived! It’s never too early or late for a tour of our beautiful city. This illustration is the first of my series titled “City Tour.” With today’s illustration, I am exploring a style that is both traditional (creating with ink, watercolor, and gouache) and modern (digital painting) to represent the THEN and NOW of this great city. I love the idea of showing off where I live, so let’s start with Ward Square, also commonly referred to as “Eastern Park.” Along the park are the Little Falls Public Library and Benton Hall Academy; two historic buildings that are very special to our community. Not only are the buildings beautiful, but these businesses are also dedicated to the education of the community’s youngest children and provide a bounty of resources that are available to everyone! The library is even remodeling their facilities! Both of these buildings offered essential opportunities to me as I grew up in Little Falls and will continue to do so for many generations to come! I’ve said it before, but I just love this little city! – Leslie Kubica, Illustrator