Today I continue being inspired by the Neighborhood Window Walk happening in town. The theme is FLOWERS and I felt inspired to share this illustration; a young girl enjoying the beautiful bounty of her flower garden.  This girl is reminiscent of me in my parent’s gardens; first in Morrison, Colorado, then in Little Falls, New York. It was sheer bliss to smell the flowers, watch the bumble bees and dream of eating the fresh veggies growing in the sun.  Now, as an avid gardener myself, the flora and fauna found in this city provides unending inspiration for my illustrations! Another kind of bounty. We’ve been waiting patiently for Spring and now it’s here! Hopefully you have walked around to see all of the flowers adorning the windows in town.  If you have, you may have also noticed the buds on the branches of the trees that are getting ready to burst, the pussy willows out in full fluff and small little green or purple spears pushing out the dirt already. Needless to say, “Alleluia!” Spring is definitely SPRINGING!