My Little Falls has hired local artist Leslie Kubica to do a couple of cartoons each month, depicting something that’s going on in Little Falls, or anything that seems to catch her eye.  This month, she is focused on the upcoming Cheese Festival.

Leslie wasn’t always an artist. She was a musician who went to music school, plays the flute, and now teaches music at the elementary school in Dolgeville. However, growing up as a child, art was her first passion.

She said “When I was a kid, I made art like crazy. In high school I made art like crazy – the art class was my favorite class. But, I was also interested in music, and that was one of my favorite classes as well.”

Kubica describes her art as fun. “I consider myself an illustrator because there are always stories going on in my head as I’m working on my art. It’s like visual storytelling.

If you are interested in finding out more, Kubica has a website at She’s also on Instagram and Facebook with #lesliekubicaillustration, and of course, she now has her own section on