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Quoting from a school principal who knows firsthand!

Mitchell Ross, Principal of Newfield HS “…when serving as principal of Newfield HS, a Section 8 housing complex was constructed within our school district boundaries. I would venture to say that it represented the most negative impact on our school culture. Most of the students that attended our school from the complex were from single parent/welfare dependent families. They were the antithesis of what you would want your children to associate with. They were deficient in academic skills, negative in outlook, lacked parental support, and presented serious disciplinary challenges and problems on a daily basis. Should this housing complex come to fruition, your system/community will never be the same. And for those that are on the fence about this project, I urge you to contact the chief of Police in Herkimer and ask him how many times per week their officers are called out to the Section 8 facilities that are partnered with ICAN. It’s staggering.”

Denise Louise Gregorka
Little Falls NY