In a democracy it is the voters who choose their leaders and not the leaders who choose their voters. The passage of the For the People Act (S.1) will codify this principle by providing fair, safe, accessible voting for all.

The differences in voting across states is confusing. S.1 will eliminate this problem by establishing national standards for federal elections, a concept supported by a majority of Americans. The problems we faced in the last Congressional election would have been mitigated had S1 been the law.

The bill provides for on-line and automatic voter registration. Voters can opt-out of registration if they choose. States are required to share information thus preventing duplicate registrations. S.1 provides the needed monies to upgrade our voting systems.

This bill expands vote by mail opportunities but matching signature requirements remain. S.1 provides for safe, secure, accessible drop boxes for federal elections. Early voting is required for 2 weeks (including weekends) before elections. Voter ID requirements remain. Those who lack the specified ID would be able to vote upon completion of a written statement.

S.1 reduces the need of candidates to fundraise by updating the program Ronald Reagan utilized. No Tax dollars will be used. Funding comes from a surcharge on those in the top income bracket who violate the tax code.

Contact your elected officials and voice your support of the For the People Act. America is the best it can be when every voter has an equitable opportunity to cast their ballots.

Katherine Wojciechowski
Oneida, NY 13421